Old values in a new era

Today the Mӧhring Group is comprised of Veneer Technologies Inc. and Atlantic Veneer Co. of the United States, Balti Spoon OÜ of Estonia and Lubelski Fornir Sp. z o.o. of Poland. Four companies on 2 continents under one name with one purpose – to be the most trusted name in the world for quality hardwood products.

While this is a new era, with new technologies and an ever expanding global economy, there are certain things which we believe are eternally true for any great company. You must value the work you do. Value your customers and your employees. And you must value our natural resources. These are the principals with which founder K.H. Möhring began and the same principals we continue to carry out in our quest to win your trust and business.

Our unique approach

Very few companies can provide hardwood products throughout the world on a consistent basis. There are even fewer companies who own their manufacturing facilities and can control the production quality and quantity of their hardwood products.

The Möhring Group is one of those very unique few. With facilities located at the source of raw material and manufacturing / sales facilities located near major markets throughout the world, we can control production quantities and quality and consistently deliver products anywhere you need them.

The Möhring Group can manufacture or supply virtually any hardwood product, making us one of the world’s largest one-stop resources for hardwood products.


We will become the premier supplier of hardwood products around the world.

We will grow based on a philosophy of quality, service and profitability for ourselves and our business partners.

We will not sacrifice long term relationships for short term profits.

We will remain fluid with the changing business environment and will capitalize on opportunities that present themselves.

We will promote a respectful business environment that is not only conscious of its place in the business world but in the communities in which we operate.

We will promote forest stewardship and be respectful to environmental concerns.

Through the use of this philosophy we seek success for our company, our customers, our communities and our employees. And, we hope to build trust between ourselves and the customers that depend on our products.