For centuries artisans and craftsmen have been using wood to create magnificent works of art, beautiful furniture, cabinetry, accessories, architectural panels and moldings to adorn the palaces of kings, heads of state, captains of industry, and ordinary people.

20th century entrepreneur and international business man, Karl Heinz Möhring wasn’t a craftsman in the traditional sense, but he had a craftsman’s eye for beautiful wood and a great passion for business.

K. H. Möhring rarely missed an opportunity to expand and improve his company. With one eye on the present and one eye on the future he capitalized on growing markets, new technologies, and the hardwood resources available around the world.

Karl Heinz Möhring expanded his international holdings and established a group of companies that would later become the Möhring Group.

He was successful not just because of his keen business skills but because he valued his customers, his employees and the wood in which he saw so much beauty.

K. H. Möhring permanently carved his name in the forest products industry and left a great legacy for future generations.

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